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Bartender 5.0.52 Update: Certificate & Permissions

We’re excited to get you on the latest version of Bartender!

The new release involved a one-time certificate change which can lead to two things happening when you install the update:

  1. Signature Mismatch Alert: Your Mac may warn you that this Bartender version is different from the previous version due to a certificate or signature change. This signature change is expected & valid!
  2. Permissions Requests: The app will open the Permission screen again. This signature change is expected & valid. Occasionally, MacOS won’t recognize that you’ve already set Permissions which can be frustrating.

Fortunately, it's simple to resolve the Permissions Requests. Please navigate to System Preferences > Screen & System Audio Recording and remove Bartender (as seen in this image), close out and then re-add it. If this doesn't work, follow the instructions in the support posts below:

  • Bartender Permissions Issues 5.0.52
  • Bartender Permission Issues

  • If you have further questions, please contact [email protected]

    Bartender 5 not starting at login after updating from 4

    If Bartender 5 is not starting at login after updating from Bartender 4 it seems to be caused by macOS Sonoma being more restrictive with starting at login entries, and doesn't like the name change from Bartender 4 to Bartender 5 (It keeps adding Bartender 4 to start at login as they share the same app ID even though its been deleted).

    To fix this:
    - Make sure all copies of Bartender 4 are removed from your mac (including form trash),
    - Update to the latest Bartender 5 release (at least 5.0.24),
    - Disable Start at Login in Bartender Settings, quit Bartender
    - Open macOS System Settings > General > Login Items (this seems to make macOS realise Bartender 4 has gone)
    - Launch Bartender 5 and enable start at login.

    If this still doesn't work, turn off Bartenders start at login, restart macOS and then try turning it on again.

    Lookup Bartender 4 or 5 License

    You can view your license using FastSpring order management.
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    Can I use Bartender 5 on macOS Ventura or earlier?

    Bartender 5 is only compatible with macOS Sonoma. Because of internal changes in macOS, Bartender 5 could only be designed to work with the newest version of macOS. A Bartender 5 license will work with Bartender 4 if you need.

    Is Bartender 5 free?

    No Bartender 5 is not free. It has a 4 week trial after this Bartender 5 will be $16, if you have a license to any previous version of Bartender you can get a great discount on a upgrade license.

    I recently bought Bartender 4 do I need to pay for an upgrade?

    If you bought Bartender 4 from July 2022 you are entitled to a free upgrade to Bartender 5, Bartender 5 will accept and use your Bartender 4 license.

    How do I update from a previous version?

    You need to be on macOS Sonoma, then you can download Bartender 5 from the website, open the disk image and move Bartender 5 to your applications folder. You can then delete any previous versions of Bartender you have and launch Bartender 5.

    How do I buy an upgrade from a previous version?

    Click Buy Now, then select Upgrade to Bartender 5. You will be prompted to enter your previous license details, once submitted and instantly verified you will be able to purchase a Bartender 5 license with a discount.

    Can I use my license on all my macs?

    Yes, a license is for use on all the macs you own and are the main user of.

    I am having a problem with Bartender 5

    Please contact us with as much information as possible by sending feedback in Bartender or by emailing [email protected]. Screen recordings and screen shots always help a lot.

    Contact Us

    For all support for Bartender please email us with as much information as possible by sending feedback in Bartender or by emailing [email protected]. Screen recordings and screen shots always help a lot.
    Email us at [email protected]

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