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Bartender 4 Trial Ended Bug

You do NOT need to purchase a license yet, and your trial can continue. All you need to do is update Bartender 4 to the latest update.

This is a bug in Bartender 4 older versions (4.0.28 or older), this window should not be showing as Bartender 4 has an unlimited trial while still in beta, this is only showing as you need to update Bartender to a newer version.

You can update via Bartender Preferences > Advanced > Check For Updates button. Or by replacing the version you have with the latest download from the website.

The update will not be installed until Bartender restarts, if it does not restart you will need to manually Quit Bartender 4.

To quit Bartender 4 launch Activity Monitor, find Bartender 4 and select it, then select in the menu bar select View > Quit Process. It should then install the update.

If you want to manually update you will need to Quit Bartender then download the new version from: here.

Bartender and macOS Big Sur

Bartender 4 has been completely designed and re-written for macOS Big Sur, and is the only version of Bartender capable of controlling menu bar items on macOS Big Sur.

Bartender 1,2,3 are not compatible with macOS Big Sur. If you do not want to upgrade to Bartender 4 and wish to continue using Bartender 1,2,3 you might want to avoid installing macOS Big Sur.

If you are on a previous version of macOS and wish to see the Bartender 3 website here.

Lookup Bartender 4 License

You can view your license using FastSpring order management.
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When will you release the non-beta version of Bartender 4?

Unfortunately we do not have a date for this.
Due to the huge changes in macOS Big Sur, Bartender 4 had to be completely written from its core out to work with the new macOS. However some of our planned features are not yet ready, as such we are releasing as a public beta with the core features as we continue work on more exciting features. As soon as these are in we will release the full version.

Can I use Bartender 4 on macOS Catalina or earlier?

Bartender 4 is only compatible with macOS Big Sur. Because of the massive changes in macOS Big Sur Bartender 4 could only be designed to work with the new version of macOS.

Is Bartender 4 free?

No Bartender 4 is not free. It has an unlimited trial while it is in Public Beta. After this Bartender 4 will be $15, and will have a great discount of 50% for users with a license to any previous version of Bartender.

I recently bought Bartender 3 do I need to pay for an upgrade?

If you bought Bartender 3 after April 2020 you are entitled to a free upgrade to Bartender 4, Bartender 4 will accept and use your Bartender 3 license.

How do I update from a previous version?

You need to be on macOS Big Sur, then you can download Bartender 4 from the website, open the disk image and move Bartender 4 to your applications folder. You can then delete any previous versions of Bartender you have and launch Bartender 4.

How do I buy an upgrade from a previous version?

Click Buy Now, then select Upgrade to Bartender 4. You will be prompted to enter your previous license details, once submitted and instantly verified you will be able to purchase a Bartender 4 license with a 50% discount.

When will the trial end?

While Bartender 4 is in Public Beta it is in an unlimited free trial, after this it will revert back to a 4 week trial.

I am having a problem with Bartender 4

Please contact us with as much information as possible by sending feedback in Bartender or by emailing contact[email protected] Screen recordings and screen shots always help a lot.

Contact Us

For all support for Bartender 4 please email us with as much information as possible by sending feedback in Bartender or by emailing [email protected] Screen recordings and screen shots always help a lot.
Email Us at [email protected]

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