Bartender 4 Blog

Apple Silicon Support

17 November 2020

With version 4.0.20 Bartender 4 now has native support for Apple Silicon.

Users' setups

14 October 2020

I receive some fantastic setup examples from users, and I think it would be great to start sharing some of these.

This user has setup spacers to visually separate their menu bar items, I think they look really cool:

This user has started to use the Show for Updates Script Trigger for some really nice show for updates.
First they wanted iStat Menus’ Battery icon to show when on Battery power (like the inbuilt show for updates for the Battery menu bar item) they have done this with a very nice script:

Show when on Battery Power Script

if pmset -g batt | grep -q "Battery Power"; then
	echo 1
	echo 0

They also created a script to ‘conditionally show their Mac’s VPN icon. It’s based on day of the week and time of the day (my “office hours”), but always shows it if a VPN is connected’:

Script to show the Mac's VPN icon depending on day of the week and time of the day ("office hours"), but always shows it if a VPN is connected.

# vpnutil:

cd "$(dirname "$0")"

currentDay=$(date +"%u")
currentTime=$(date +"%H:%M")


if [[ "$currentDay" > 0 ]] && [[ "$currentDay" < 6 ]]; then
	if [[ "$currentTime" > "08:59" ]] && [[ "$currentTime" < "17:31" ]]; then

if [[ "$isOfficeHours" = true ]] || ./vpnutil list | grep -q "Connected"; then
	echo 1
	echo 0

If you have anything you want to share please email it to me and I will continue sharing them here.

macOS Big Sur Beta Update

18 August 2020

I know you are all super excited for Bartender on Big Sur (I have been getting all the emails 😂).
As you already know the changes in Big Sur are massive, because of this Bartender needed a complete internal rewrite to get it working on the new macOS beta.
Bartender 4 for Big Sur is coming along well, and testing is progressing, as you can imagine this is a big update and as such it is taking a while to get it ready for public testing.
I will release a beta test build as soon as its ready, and fully tested here. Its just not quite ready yet.

macOS Big Sur Beta

07 July 2020

macOS 11 Big Sur is fantastic and is a big update.
The changes in Big Sur are as much under the hood as the UI, because of this Bartender needs additional work than usual to get it working great on the new macOS beta.
I already have it working reasonably well here, but still have a lot of work to get it working perfectly, but do not worry I will release a test build for all you using the macOS 11 Big Sur betas as soon as possible.