Upgrade to Bartender 4

Bartender 4 Upgrade

If you own a license for Bartender 1, 2 or 3, you can upgrading to Bartender 4 at a great discount of 50% off.

If you bought Bartender 3 after April 2020, Bartender 4 will work with your existing license, you do not need to buy an upgrade.
Enter your older Bartender license key below.
Once it's submitted and instantly validated, the discounted upgrade pricing will be automatically applied.

If you do not know your license details, they may be displayed in Bartender 4's license screen.
If not, you will have received an email containing your license details at the time of purchase, or you can request FastSpring send your license again by filling out your order details in their contact form at FastSpring Customer Support

Bartender 4 Upgrade Verified

Previous License Verified correctly. Checkout should have displayed with your discount applied.

Free Bartender 4 Upgrade Verified

You purchased your Bartender 3 license after April 2020, as such you get a free upgrade to Bartender 4.

Bartender 4 will accept and use your existing Bartender 3 license.