Bartender 2

Organize your menu bar apps

Release Notes

Bartender 2 2.0.1 Test Build

Bug Fixes

Could not order menu bar items when Bartender menu bar icon is hidden

This has been fixed

Prompt to install helper after each reboot

In the previous version the timeout for the helper was too short, and it would request to reinstall after each boot, we have increased the timeout and retry attempts.

Right most menu bar gap

Bartender 2 added a gap to the right of the menu bar when Notification Center was hidden, this is to maintain the default gap at the screen edge, a lot of users liked not having this gap, so this is now a preference under Appearance.

Bartender 2 2.0 (207)

Bug Fixes

Fix for Exception on launch for users without separate spaces

If OS X had been setup to not have separate spaces on each screen bartender would have an exception on launch. This has been fixed.

Bartender 2

Its Out!!!

We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of Bartender 2.

We believe Bartender 2 is fantastic, it has some cool new features that we are sure you will love.
Thanks to all the beta testers for there fantastic feedback and help.
The work is not ending we have more great features we want to add and we also know there are still some outstanding bugs we need to fix, and some we probably don't know about yet, so please do keep the feedback coming!