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Organize your menu bar apps

  • Lets you tidy your menu bar apps how you want.
  • See your menu bar apps when you want.
  • Hide the apps you need to run, but do not need to see.
  • Have the clean looking menu bar you want.
  • Rearrange your menu bar items as you wish.

Bartender lets you organize your menu bar apps, by hiding them, rearranging them,
or moving them to Bartender's Bar.
You can display the full menu bar, set options to have menu bar items show in the
menu bar when they have updated, or have them always visible in Bartender's Bar.

There are loads of ways to configure Bartender to perform as you wish.
Give it a go and find out.

NOTICE: Information on OS X 10.11 El Capitan Bartender compatibility. Read Here


Take control of your menu bar

With Bartender you can choose which apps stay in the menu bar, are displayed in Bartender's Bar or are hidden completely.

Bartender's Bar

Bartender's Bar can be displayed and hidden as you want, by clicking on the Bartender Icon or via a hot key.

Menu bar apps still work the same

Apps still work the same when they are in Bartender's Bar allowing you quick access to them when needed, but keeping them out of sight when not.

Show an app in the menu bar when it updates

Set up your apps to be displayed in the Menu Bar for a period of time when they update.

Order all your menu bar items

With Bartender you can set the order of all the menu bar items, both in the menu bar and in Bartender's Bar, simply by ⌘+Dragging the items. The order you set is maintained after restarts. So your menu bar items are always in the order you want.


If you want a really clean look and privacy, Bartender can also be hidden.

Bartender's Bar can be placed where you want

Bartender's Bar can be moved at any time to any horizontal position immediately under the menu bar. Or it can open under the Bartender menu bar item.

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Bartender: One of this year’s best new releases for the Mac. My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2012 Edition

The Verge

Bartender for OS X cures menu bar clutter Bartender for OS X cures menu bar clutter


Bartender comes to the rescue Favorite Mac Gems of 2012

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20 Outrageously Useful Menu Bar Applets
MacLife 3/8/13

Every Mac power user knows the might of the OS X menu bar. For the rest of us, that ever-present beam topping our desktops has been ignored for too long.

Macdaily 24/7/13

Let’s say you have quite a few active client apps that all want to show their icons in the OS X Menu Bar - so many so that it’s getting real crowded up there! Take me, for example. I have fourteen (yes, 14!) active cloud storage clients lusting after my Menu Bar.

Tekzilla 9/7/13

Is your OS X Menu Bar a crowded mess? Veronica’s been using Bartender for “a couple of weeks now, and wanted to give it a quick little rundown for you guys in case it will make you happy like it makes me happy.” Bartender gives you the ability to choose which items show up in the menubar, and for how long… check it out in the video!

Bartender for the Mac
GNC 9/7/13

Below in the first photo you will see how my menu bar usually looks. As you can tell it is getting a little out of control. A lot of what is up there are applications that I use occasionally, and I want them in my menu bar.

Tidy Up Your Mac Menu Bar with Bartender
The Chronicle 9/7/13

Ever since Jason covered Skitch as a great tool for quickly annotating screenshots back in 2009 (AKA ye olde ProefHaecker), I’ve been adding additional applications that run in the menu bar of my Macs.

Two tools to customize MAC OS X
Geekchunk 26/4/13

Mac OS X menu bar could be pretty populated and confusing; if you are new to MAC OS X it is better to remove the application icons which you don’t use on daily basis. As you look on the menu bar is seems like it is possible to change the menu bar, but you can customize it according to however you like by several ways.

Mac Monday: Bartender
Tekbloggers 24/6/13

Whenever I install an app on my mac, it always seems to add a little icon to my menu bar. My menu bar is a mess, and I found the perfect app to clean it up.

Bartender Review
MacTalk 30/3/13

Today’s article/review is a late one. I blame it on a lack of sleep and a lot of work. Having recently had a baby, I can vouch for the sleep deprivation torture methods and their effectiveness. Right now, I’d give my MacBook Air away for a decent night’s sleep and I love my MacBook Air. Aside from the whining about my personal life, let’s get onto today’s review which is covering a relatively simple app by the name of Bartender.

Bartender. Wipe down that menu bar, please
MacLife Magazine 15/3/13

Bartender is one of those apps that really ought to be a feature of OS X itself. Once you allow software to populate the menu bar with icons, there should be deent means of management, beyond Command-clicking to drag the icons around.

Managing Your Mac’s Unruly Menu Bar
The Mac Observer 12/3/13

It’s easy to load up your Mac’s menu bar with useful add-ons that give you quick access to settings, information, and fast data entry, but it’s also easy to quickly fill up and turn into an unmanageable mess.

If Your Mac’s Menubar Is Cluttered With A Few Dozen Utilities, Then You Need A ‘Bartender’ App
Noodlemac 11/3/13

Apple simply can’t control what Mac users do with their Macs. Nearly every Mac app uses the Menubar, with app menu selections to the left, and Apple’s OS X utility options and menus to the right. Here’s the problem. Mac developers have created hundreds of utilities, tools, and apps that reside in the right side of the Menubar.

Mac Bartender Keeps your Menubar Clean
MacGroup 4/2/13

I record a lot of tutorials using Screenflow on my Mac and I try to keep distracting things out of the picture (tutorial) so that people watching can focus on the content.

Bartender Review
MacLife 26/12/12

Bartender is one of those sweet little apps that you set up once and then essentially never really notice how magical it is ever again. The top magicians say the best magic looks completely natural, and that’s how we feel about Bartender.

Cult Of Mac’s Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar: Day 20 – Bartender
Cult Of Mac 20/12/12

One of the better Yuletide traditions is the venerable holiday Advent Calendar, in which each day of December leading up to Christmas is marked off on a special calendar by opening its corresponding door to find a small gift, toy or chocolate squirreled away inside. Read more at http://www.cultofmac.com/207148/cult-of-macs-awesome–2012-advent-calendar-day–20-bartender/#xVMS0VRGufbR2E4g.99

Mac Gems: Bartender helps you take control of menu-bar icons
Macworld 13/11/12

Pity the poor menu bar. It seems like just about every app you install these days wants to put a little icon up there, often to little real advantage. It’s not uncommon for that ever-expanding line of icons on the right to extend under the reach of the menus on the left. In short, the menu bar is a mess.

My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2012 Edition
MacStories 2/11/12

Bartender: One this year’s best new releases for the Mac. Bartender is a menubar app to contain other menubar apps. Say you’ve got too many menubar apps running at the same time, and you would like to have less, but it’s always handy to keep them around and running. Bartender is perfect for that kind of scenario.

20 of the best OS X menulets
Techradar 1/11/12

Yep, we thought you might need this one. With Bartender you can choose which of all those lovely menulets appear in your menu bar, which live in Bartender’s click-to-reveal sub-menubar, and which get hidden completely.

Bartender maakt het organiseren van apps in de menubalk van je Mac nog makkelijker
Applespot 27/10/12

Wellicht heb je er nog nooit van gehoord, maar dat komt ook omdat Bartender geen app is die je kunt downloaden uit de Mac App Store. Met Bartender kun jij jouw menubalk zo aanpassen dat er heel wat apps en andere snelkoppelingen in worden geplaatst.

Bartender will hide your menu bar icons, goes to version 1.0
TUAW 25/10/12

Bartender is a simple but excellent little app that lets you control that flood of icons up in your menu bar on the top of your OS X window. Now, designer Ben Surtees, who we spoke with earlier this year about where the app came from, has released version 1.0.2 of the app, officially releasing it as a finished product out into the world. You can buy it now for US$15, or there’s still a four-week trial period available, if you just want to check it out for free.

A Few Great Apps For Your Menubar
FreshMacApps 7/10/12

It’s easiest for people to use apps that are readily available. That means being able to access the programs you want when you want without having to look through your hard drive. One way that Apple brings this concept to the fore is with the dock application, which allows users to find what they need in a convenient and permanent space.

TUAW Origin Stories: Bartender
TUAW 5/10/12

We wrote up Bartender for Mac as a Friday Favorite some time ago, even though the app isn’t out of beta. In this Origin Stories, I speak with Ben Surtees, who has been programming since he was 15. Check out the story behind Bartender in the video below, and the app itself if you’re tired of menu bar items cluttering your Mac.

Bartender – Ordnung in der MenuBar
Apfellife 9/9/12

Bartender bietet dabei mehrere Möglichkeiten der Konfiguration jeglicher MenuBar-Einträge. Das Tool ist zur Zeit noch im Beta-Stadium und kann in dieser Zeit kostenlos unter Macbartender.com heruntergeladen werden.

Friday Favorite: Bartender
TUAW 31/8/12

There comes a time in a power user’s life when the number of his menu bar applications exceeds the amount of real estate in the menu bar, a condition made worse by primary applications with a lot of menus. The cure for this? A handy little app, which is still undergoing testing, called Bartender.

376 Hands on Nexus 7 Review, Bartender Menubar App, 1Password Attachments, What to Expect from Mountain Lion
Podfeet 22/7/12

I have often complained that because of Tim Verpoorten, aka @surfbits, I have way too many menubar apps. The only problem with having a lot of them is that if you have an application open that has a lot of menus, some of the menubar icons disappear so you can’t get to them any more.

Bartender: Take control of your Menu Bar
AppStorm 28/6/12

We’re big fans of apps which reside in the Menu Bar here at Mac.AppStorm. Personally, at least two of my most essential Mac apps live up there in the top right hand corner of the screen. However, with the proliferation of useful, lightweight Menu Bar apps, things can begin to get a little crowded in no time at all.

Got Menubar Clutter On Your Mac? What You Need Is A Mac Bartender App
Mac360 31/5/12

The past couple of years have seen a marked increase in the number of Mac utility apps. They range from one-trick pony apps that do just one thing, to combo apps that you must have on your Mac. And, they’re inexpensive and everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere. It seems that every new Mac app that provides some utility that Apple doesn’t give us in Mac OS X is stuck in the Mac’s Menubar. There’s a problem with collecting so many Menubar apps.

App of the Week: Bartender
EasyOSX 9/5/12

The more time you spend with an operating system, the more programs you tend to use. On the Mac, this may mean having more icons on your Dock and in your menubar. But by using a lot of background programs, your menubar will get filled up with icons (some of them potentially pointless) and clutter it up.

Really nice new Mac app by Surtees Studios
MacStories 9/5/12

Really nice new Mac app by Surtees Studios: Bartender is a menubar app to hide other menubar apps. Providing its own custom bar to collect other icons from third-party apps, Bartender lets you organize your menubar apps while retaining the functionalities they come with.

Bartender for OS X cures menu bar clutter
The Verge 30/4/12

If you use a wide variety of software on a Mac, your menu bar is probably cluttered with residual application icons. Luckily, Surtees Studios recently released a little utility called Bartender which allows you to hide unwanted menu icons in a collapsable sub-menu bar.

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