Bartender 5 - start at login not working after updating from 4

If Bartender 5 is not starting at login after updating from Bartender 4 it seems to be caused by macOS Sonoma being more restrictive with starting at login entries, and doesn’t like the name change from Bartender 4 to Bartender 5 (It keeps adding Bartender 4 to start at login as they share the same app ID even though its been deleted).

To fix this:

  • Make sure all copies of Bartender 4 are removed from your mac (including form trash),
  • Update to the latest Bartender 5 release (at least 5.0.24),
  • Disable Start at Login in Bartender Settings, quit Bartender
  • Open macOS System Settings > General > Login Items (this seems to make macOS realise Bartender 4 has gone)
  • Launch Bartender 5 and enable start at login.

If this still doesn’t work, turn off Bartenders start at login, restart macOS and then try turning it on again.