Important Info

Bartender 5

Bartender 5 is a paid upgrade. Bartender 5 has been completely redeveloped for macOS Sonoma.

Find out more about Bartender 5 at

Bartender 4 is not optimised for macOS Sonoma. If you do not want to upgrade to Bartender 5 and wish to continue using Bartender 4 you might want to avoid installing macOS Sonoma.

Starting at login

If Bartender 5 is not starting at login for you, please see for ways to fix this macOS Sonoma issue

New Features

Ability to apply a menu bar style to all spaces

You can now apply a menu bar style to all your current spaces. Each space is stil individually editable too.

Bug Fixes

Bartender freezing

There was a bug in menu bar styling that could cause Bartender to freeze, this has been fixed

Menu item group icon and title not saving when first created

A groups icon and title would not save if changed when the group is first added. This has been fixed.

Menu bar sometimes showing in fullscreen

This has been fixed.

Bartender bug

There is a change in macOS Sonomas handling of removed menu bar items Bartender was sometimes not handling correctly, leading to some unexpected behaviours, this has been fixed.

Menu bar showing repeatedly

If the menu bar was set to autohide in macOS and the battery trigger was used, the menu bar would show repeatedly as the trigger fired. This has been fixed.