Bartender 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I can not control Notification Center with Bartender 3?

With Bartender 3, its simply not possible for us to control the Notification Center item. We are working on other options.

Bartender 3 item ordering is wierd

Bartender 3 and macOS need to get in sync for ordering to work, this may require you ⌘+drag items a few times to set their position. If an item keeps moving back to the right, please try moving all other items around it instead of just that one item, as the other items positions may not have been set correctly.

Bartender 3 is not working with an App?

There are a few things that can cause this:

- Some apps need to be relaunched before Bartender can control them.
- Sometime its necessary to restart Bartender, or logout and back in.

If it still does not work it could be due to an incompatibility, you are best setting the app to ""Always show in the menu bar" and send feedback about the issue.

I am not on macOS Sierra or newer yet, can I still get Bartender 2?

Yes. You can download Bartender 2 here. Please note: Bartender 2 cannot control system items on macOS High Sierra. If you need a license for Bartender 2 purchase a Bartender 3 license it will work for Bartender 2 too.

I am not on OS X Yosemite or newer yet, can I still get Bartender 1?

Yes. You can download Bartender 1 here. If you purchase a Bartender 3 license it will work for Bartender 1 too.

What are the licensing terms?

A Bartender license is for 1 user, for use on all their Macs.

Do you offer student discount?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer student discount.

I am purchasing for my company can I enter my VAT ID and company info.

Yes of course, if you use the below link you can enter your VAT ID to not pay VAT and also enter your company name for the invoice etc.
NOTE: You may need to restart your browser to see the VAT ID field.