Bartender 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I bought Bartender 1, do I get a discount for Bartender 2?

Yes of course! You can purchase a Bartender 2 Upgrade for 50% off its normal price. If you purchased Bartender 1 after the 1 June 2015 you should have received an email with a free Bartender 2 license.

I cant change Spotlight or Notification Centers location with Bartender 2?

With Bartender 2, we took the decision to fix the location of these items to their normal location as these are special items not like all other menu bar items. Apple have always fixed this location. (even when allowing other Apple items to be moved/removed).

I can't control Spotlight with Bartender 2?

With macOS and Bartender 2, it is now not possible to control Spotlight without performing complex additional setup steps, that can be viewed here.

Bartender 2 is putting Volume in System Items is this normal?

With OS X El Capitan and Bartender 2, we have to have the volume item in System items to be able to control them, you can still hide Volume in Bartender Preferences if you wish though.

Do you have an OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatible version of Bartender 1?

Yes we do please see this blog post for full details.

Im not on OS X Yosemite or newer yet, can I still get Bartender 1?

Yes. You can download Bartender 1 here. If you purchase a Bartender 2 license it will work for Bartender 1 too.

What are the licensing terms?

A Bartender license is for 1 user, for use on all their Macs.

Bartender is not working with an Application?

There are a few things that can cause this:

- macOS has a bug we have reported that will prevent some apps working with Bartender after it has been installed, until the app not working is relaunched, or in some cases the Mac is restarted. This will only be necessary after the first installation, after this all apps should work okay.