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Bartender 1 OS X El Capitan Compatibility

Great news! Bartender 2 has just been released and is fully compatible with OS X El Capitan and we recommend all users should upgrade.

Bartender 1 Compatibility

If you still want to use Bartender 1 it is compatible with OS X El Capitan from Test Build version 1.3.3, you can check you have the latest test build by accepting test builds and checking for updates in Bartender 1, you can do this using the button below:

Changes for Bartender 1 under OS X El Capitan

As of OS X El Capitan, with the new System Integrity Protection feature in OS X, Bartender 1 requires you to perform additional setup steps to allow it to control Apple menu bar items (System Items) such as Notification Center, WiFi, Battery, Time etc.
Full instructions are available at Setting up System Item Control in OS X El Capitan for Bartender 1 following these steps will allow Bartender 1 to control system items, and still have System Integrity Protection Enabled.

NOTE: Bartender 2 does not require these additional steps to control Apple menu extras.