Bartender 3

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Individual System Item Control is here

We have been working hard for a few months now to get individual system item control into Bartender. We released the first public version of this on Monday 30th July, in version 0.9.08. As you can imagine with such an addition we expected bugs and jumped on fixing them as fast as possible, introducing versions 0.9.09 and 0.9.10.

As of 0.9.10 System Item control is stable with a few small fixes coming in the next release. We feel this is the release that shows the full potential of Bartender allowing you to have exactly the menu bar setup you want. Thanks goes out to everyone for the great feedback and kind words of how much you love the new feature, it’s always good to know we’ve hit the spot!

In addition to system item control, we have also started introducing Retina graphics. We plan to have Bartender completely retina ready very soon! Adam Betts was kind enough to allow us to include his fantastic “more” icon in Bartender.

Adam Betts More Icon in Retina

We’ve experienced a big jump in users with the release of Mountain Lion! This is due to the fantastic new Mountain Lion feature; Notification Center. Although its innovative, many users do not want this icon in their Menu Bar but wish to keep the feature. Bartender works perfect for this!