New Features / Improvements

Custom Hot Keys for any menu bar item

Now with Bartender you can now assign hot keys to any menu bar items, Activating the hot key will show the menu bar item (if its hidden) and optionally left click or right click it.
Great for apps that are hidden, or apps that don't let you assign a hot key (like Control Center or Notification Center).

Show For Updates Image Comparison Algorithm

The image comparison algorithm has been completely re-written, it has always worked in light/dark mode and with different backgrounds, but it now has less chance of false positives, and better detection of real even very small changes (This now works with Arq), all this and it uses less CPU to do the check.

Bug Fixes

MacUpdater compatibility

Specific fix so MacUpdater shows its UI when activated form Bartender Bar or Quick Search.

Quick Search in Fullscreen

Quick search would not show the menu bar, or activate its selected menu bar item in some Fullscreen apps, this has been fixed.

Alacritty Fix

Show on mouse over or click on menu bar would not work when Alacritty was the active app, a specific fix for this has been added.