NOTE: Trial Over Window showing in error in Bartender 4.0.18

If you have seen a trial over window, this is a bug in Bartender 4.0.18 and the free trial is still active and your license is valid, you just need to update to this version of Bartender 4.
If after seeing that message the update fails to relaunch Bartender, please manually quit Bartender using Activity monitor, you can do so by launching Activity Monitor, find Bartender 4 and select it, then select in the menu bar View > Quit Process.

New Features / Improvements

Apple Silicon Support

Bartender 4 now runs natively on Apple Silicon macs.

Bug Fixes

Show For Updates text not showing correct show time when less than 15 seconds

This has been fixed.

Dock icon staying in dock

The dock icon would not disappear reliably in the previous build. It should now.

Hotkey to show hidden items didn't show Bartender Bar

Now if you have selected to use the Bartender Bar the hotkey will show the Bartender Bar.

Bartender Bar hidden by Notifications or other app windows

Bartender Bar should now display above almost any other window.

Always Hidden divider doesn't need label

The Always hidden divider always had the "Always Hidden" label, this took up space when it isn't needed, it now only shows that label when dragging items.

Background colour behind menu bar items didn't match menu bar, on multi screen setups.

This would pickup the background colour from the other screens menu bar, this has now been fixed.

Bartender Bar bigger than needed for menu bar items

This has been fixed and the Bartender Bar should be the correct size for its items.

Moving Items Notification cant be disabled

There is now an option to disable this in Advanced Preferences.

Show For Update Scripts loading users setups

When Bartender ran users SFU trigger scripts zsh or bash would load the users startup scripts, this could cause a delay and extra CPU usage, this has been stopped.

Memory leaks

I have found and fixed 2 memory leaks that over time would lead to Bartender using a lot of memory.

Bartender not moving items

Bartender would not move items if there was any menu open on macOS, this was so it didn't move a menu item if it is showing its menu. Some users reported Bartender not hiding SFU menu bar items and it was discovered that in some situations macOS will not correctly report when a menu closes, hence Bartender not moving items. Bartender now detects if a menu is showing for a menu item and will only not move items if a menu is for a menu bar app.


I have received reports of 4 different crashes, these should be fixed.

2 New Bartender menu bar item icons

Added 2 new options for Bartenders menu bar item image, a single dot, and a arrow.

Clicking on an applications menu would activate Bartender

If an Application had a menu bar item, and you clicked on its Application menu (left menu) Bartender would activate. This has been fixed.

Show For Updates items not displaying after a space change

Due to a bug in macOS, changing spaces could prevent Bartender from being able to display some show for updates menu bar items, A work around has been added to prevent this.

Enter not selecting menu bar item in Quick Search

If the user had used the mouse to select an item in Quick Search, enter would not work the next time to select an item, and the search field would not have keyboard focus. This has been fixed.

Gap left where Bartender menu item would be, if Bartender menu item hidden and space changed

This would leave a gap in the menu bar. This has been fixed.

Apps that create multiple menu items with the same ID not handled well

Apps that create multiple items with the same ID, would not have those items handled individually, and could lead to items not showing. This has been fixed

Click on menu bar to show hidden items not working on multiple screens

This has been fixed.

Preferences not resizable smaller.

After making preferences bigger and closing it, then re-opening it, it could not be resized back down. This has been fixed.

Color of menu bar not detected on multiple screens with hidden menu bars.

This has been fixed.

Scrolling on menu items in Bartender Bar

This now correctly works.